Consignment sales

Unlike the traditional brokerage methods, we also offer a consignment sales option. Although a sale can take longer we can achieve a significantly higher return for your equipment by offering your kit not only to our broker network, but also to end users.

We prepare the equipment for sale – this includes removing asset tags and other identifying marks, securely destroying all data, professionally testing and cleaning the equipment ready for a detailed asset list. We will set the highest realistic price the equipment could achieve.

We then use a variety of ways to put your equipment in front of interested buyers. We use our own marketing team comprising a hand picked telemarketing team and experts in online marketing using specialist sites dealing specifically in the type of equipment you have. In addition, our extensive list of industry contacts who ‘just know’ the right people for your equipment are always waiting for our call or email.

If you’d like to know how to really get the best return from your kit, contact us to find out more.


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Free Recycling

Whatever the value of your equipment we offer wholesale jerseys a free collection and recycling service from anywhere in the UK

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Instant Payment

If you need a quick return we can follow the ‘traditional’ broker route and buy your equipment outright from you for a fixed price

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Reach a Global Market

Using our extensive range of traditional brokers, online marketing wholesale nhl jerseys and ecommerce sites we can sell your equipment for you to almost everywhere in the world ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment whilst making sure you stay in control

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